• Flat-Based Silos

Flat-Based Silos

We can offer up to 20,000 tons of silo capacity from 25 tons as Konaktiv. The self-supporting gantry allows you to balance and optimally store at the proper angle. The sheets used in silo manufacturing have S350GD quality and 450gr / m2 galvanized coating. Konaktiv uses 10.9 quality and JS1000 or Geomet500A coated bolts (The bolts have been subjected to 1000 hours salt retention and corrosion test, so they are subjected to 10 times more corrosion resistance test). Special sealing material is used at the connection points for sealing. If required, side discharge system is applied to Konaktiv silos to provide fast and low-cost discharge. Silos have easy access doors. Konaktiv silos have temperature and humidity measurement systems to measure product temperature and humidity. Temperature and humidity can be monitored via portable or fixed monitors via sensors at certain points in the silo. These systems can be connected to the PLC to control the temperature and humidity in the silo.

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